Peculiar Journeys Ep. 17: Americans Escaping America

Coming Soon: Season Two of Peculiar Journeys

First, thank you all for listening and subscribing to the first season of Peculiar Journeys.  This has been an in-progress development as you can likely tell and the progress has been incredibly fun and rewarding for me.

So, second, I'll be launching the second season on August 21st.

A few changes/differences:

  • I'll be focusing on a lot more storytellers this season.
  • I'll be pushing out each episode every two weeks rather than weekly (because I'm working on expanding the quality of info you get.)
  • I'm adding a Patreon Campaign soon so hopefully you'll be into throwing me $12.00 a year to continue building on this idea.
  • I'll be adding SHOW NOTES below each episode here to provide context, additional links and off-the-air thoughts.

Again, thanks for listening and keep telling stories.