Creating & Executing Extraordinary Events


Don Hall cares about your event as much as you do. Scratch that. Don Hall cares about your event MORE than you do. Scratch that. Don Hall cares about things you didn’t even know you needed to care about and solves problems before you even know they happened. He’s that kind of thorough. He’s that kind of invested. He’s worth of that kind of trust.

Eric Nuzum
SVP, Original Content Development
audible, an amazon company

Live events can extend your existing audience and reward them for being loyal by putting them in a place that digital media is not equipped to accommodate: face to face in a room. Events can accomplish in real time a sense of ownership, genuine participation, and encourage more word of mouth marketing than anything else available.

I can help you with

Brand Awareness/Marketing Events
Fundraising Events
Content Specific Niche Events
Major Festivals

Live Podcast Recordings
Theatrical Productions

Even more valuable than my on-the-ground logistical support, with over 20 years of producing and directing theater as well as five years hosting The Moth in Chicago, I can offer something beyond administration of your event. I bring an off-the-charts creativity to the design of the events that set them apart and make them unique.

 "Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me!" at Millennium Park (2015)

"Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me!" at Millennium Park (2015)


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Don Hall on a variety of full scale production events. From set up to execution to tear down, Don owns it and delivers with ease. His approach consistently comes with a sense of level-headedness, respect, wit, creativity, accountability, humor, and sometimes, even donuts.

Stacey Marquardt
Director of Marketing/Special Events at Metro / Smartbar

 "Where Shall We Begin?" Podcast Event, Los Angeles, CA — 2017, audible

"Where Shall We Begin?" Podcast Event, Los Angeles, CA — 2017, audible


Don is unlike any colleague that I've ever had. Why? 

1) He works hard to truly understand the problem or business challenge;
2) He refuses to settle with business-as-usual responses;
3) He both embraces and manages risk;
4) He is fiercely honest;
5) He always aims to be spectacular; and,
6) He loves the creative process. 

This list may not seem that unique. The difference, however, is that with Don it is all true.  I will always find a way to connect him to anything that matters to me.

Daniel Ash
Chief Marketing Officer at Chicago Community Trust

  Winter Block Party for Chicago's Hip Hop Arts (2015) in collaboration with Kevin Coval & Young Chicago Authors

Winter Block Party for Chicago's Hip Hop Arts (2015) in collaboration with Kevin Coval & Young Chicago Authors

Anyone can produce an event. It takes the kind of experience from producing events for audiences of 25 to 35,000, complete with the wisdom of both failures and successes, to produce a spectacular living moment that will be remembered for years.


For a decade, we at Wait Wait worried every week as to what in the world we would say about the week’s news. But every week, we knew that whatever we said, there’d be a theater packed with a happy, paying audience to hear it. That was all Don Hall, and without him, we would have been making our jokes into empty rooms. And that would have been sad.

Peter Sagal
Host of NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!"


Director of Events, WBEZ 91.5 & (2007 - 2017)

House Manager, NPR's "Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me!" (2007 - 2017)

Independent Events Producer, audible (2017)

Events Consultant for over 30 local companies

Front of House Manager, Millennium Park (2018)

Host of The Moth StorySlam (2011 - 2016)

Producer/Director of over 300 Off-Loop Theater productions

Co-presenter, PMDMC (2018)— Events Design & Strategy (with Tony Bol)